A Rooftop Paradise

Many cities still have older apartment buildings, but that does not mean they lack amenities. Some of them have been recently refurbished, and those shopping for an apartment home will find there are many ways builders have of attracting their attention. While most of the buildings will be packed with commercial spaces on the ground floor, the private residential spaces are packed with reasons for them to choose a particular building. Some contain gym spaces complete with pools, and others have created a rooftop paradise for their residents.

While the majority of single family homes have slanted roofs for rain and snow to slide off, apartment buildings have flat roofs. Tenants have often been able to enjoy access to these areas, and modern buildings often reserve space for their residents. Rather than simply apportioning an area per floor or apartment, they build them into rooftop decks any owner would be proud to claim. They come with a host of amenities to help sell the apartments, so they are an important part of city living.

Fire pits in backyards have become a selling point, and there is no reason to leave them behind when living in the city. Most are now built using gas, so there is enough safety in placing them on the roof. The area may be sheltered from the wind, or it can be left open to the elements. Residents will find the strategic placement of partial walls on the roof will give them just enough of a wind break to make it a pleasant place to enjoy a fire in the evening with friends.

The city view is often a large part of living in a tall apartment building, so many rooftop decks are now staged with comfortable seating areas when an apartment is for sale or rent. It is just one more amenities to attract customers, but it is one that will generally help them decide to move in.